Geocache With Toddlers: Ideas for Fun Geocaching Party

Most people wouldn’t associate geocaching with toddlers, but there are plenty of ways that you can incorporate a geocaching party that will be manageable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Is geocaching fun? Of course it is. Everyone loves a scavenger hunt, and it’s a fun way to get the adults involved in the part too. Your geocaching party will be a hit with everyone involved. You don’t need much to have a great party.

All you need to get your geocaching party going is a smartphone and some mapped out GPS coordinates where people can find the items you’ve hidden. This is a relatively simple process. You just need a few containers and a little swag that you can put in the boxes.

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You don’t have to go overboard with the items or boxes. You can use some Tupperware containers that you have around the house and find some good hiding places to stash the items.

It’s a great activity for everyone involved. Sure the toddlers might not get the whole GPS navigation aspect, but they sure enjoy the hunt. Ever hunted for Easter eggs? It’s a good time for both the adults and kids.

Here are a few geocache hiding ideas for your party. Odds are you’re going to be utilizing your house or a local park so you might feel your options are limited. Again, think of the Easter egg analogy. Find little nooks and out of the way areas where you can hide the boxes.

You can hide the boxes near trees, playground equipment, and other natural objects. Inside bushes and even under the porch are great places to hide your caches. Be creative and remember your audience. You want everyone to have fun finding the boxes, so keep the hiding places age appropriate. Your party will be a hit for sure. Enjoy.