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Geocache For Beginners: A Guide to Start Geocaching

Geocaching is a great way to get yourself and your family outside for a little adventure. Everyone can have a great time exploring the outdoors through geocaching. You might be curious as to how to start geocaching. It’s simple, really. Check out this short beginner’s guide to geocaching.

The first thing you will need to get started geocaching is a GPS device. Without this, everything else just doesn’t work. Most smartphones have GPS apps that you can download. There are even quite a few geocaching specific apps that are geared for your adventure.

All you need to begin is to sign up on the geocaching website and enter the coordinates into your GPS device. Guess what? You’re geocaching. Simple, right?


There are a few basic rules to the game. Once you find a cache, you can take the item inside. You will need to replace whatever item you take with something of equal or greater value. The geocaching site will tell you the types of items in the cache boxes, so it should be easy enough to plan ahead. There will always be a cache logbook for you to write down what you found. Once you sign the logbook, just put it and the cache box back where you found it for the next adventurers.

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What to put in a geocache container?

A cache can have any number of items inside, but there are a few universal items that almost every geocache has in common. It always contains a logbook or some sort of way to track who has found the items and when. It’s the items that will help you fulfill that treasure hunting fantasy you had as a kid. Just make sure that whatever you leave must be of equal or greater value and placed in a plastic bag to protect it from the elements.